"Connecting to Your Voice and Your Story"


Spring 2017 Workshop: February 20-March 5th



$200.00 USD


When it comes to finding artistic voice, the task seems daunting and one often feels lost in the search. Questions such as, “How do I find my voice?” and “How do I make the story I am yearning to tell cohesive, honest, beautiful and mine?” are asked on repeat. Amanda will teach you how to connect deeply with yourself and your vision and create strong connections within your work. Through understanding, forging and strengthening these connections, you will clarify your artistic voice and tell a story as authentic, unique and stunning as you.

In this two week workshop, Amanda will address voice, self portraiture as a way to connect more fully with yourself, feeling and forging deep connections with what you are photographing, the importance of storytelling along with elements of a strong story, and finally, how to bring it all together in your authentic and unique way.  Amanda will also spend time focusing on creative techniques, with a focus on Freelensing, as a means to break through barriers and find new ways to more fully tell your story.

During the two weeks there will be daily lessons and three assignments, each with intimate and honest feedback from Amanda. Students will be encouraged to actively engage in the discussion and will be given the chance to ask any and all questions. Amanda will also give students a look into her work, her ongoing journey and her editing. When it comes to her and her work, anything you want to know, she’ll tell you. After the workshop, Active Seat Students will have two weeks to submit a collection of 15 images for Amanda to critique, based on topics covered in the workshop and will receive detailed feedback.
All students will receive a PDF of the workshop as well as an invitation to a private Facebook group to continue the discussion.

Prerequisites: This course is open to anyone who has a desire to dig deep and develop a stronger connection with their art as a means to strengthening their artistic voice.

You must be a member of the Bloom Forum to participate. If you are not a member of the Bloom Forum you can sign up here.  (You may wait until the week class begins to sign up for the Forum or you can purchase your membership now).

1. Once you register your PayPal receipt will act as your confirmation to the workshop.
2. If your Paypal email address is not your daily contact email, please contact Amanda at amandavoelker@gmail.com and let her know. The only email she will have on file is your Paypal one and that will be the one she will use to contact you unless otherwise noted.
3. No refunds are given once a seat is purchased, however, you can sell your seat on your own.





"Amanda Voelker's "Reflecting You" workshop has definitely changed the way I approach the camera and has helped me start along the path to finding my voice. Amanda is approachable and relatable as a workshop leader who shares her own vulnerabilities and her personal journey with photography. She put together a multitude of lessons which asked the right sort of questions to guide us along the path of deciding what we wanted to say as an artist and how we could imbue that message into our photos."

Sabrina Wong


I really enjoyed working with Amanda.  She provides a lot of useful input that pushes you to reflect on what you are doing.  Her feedback is also positive and constructive, which helped me to gain confidence in my photography skills as well as be aware of what I need to improve as I continue to photograph. I left the workshop with a better sense of who I am as a photographer and what I need to do to improve. 

Annie Ozcerac


"I loved that Amanda's class made me dive into issues that I've been circling for years without really addressing. Since the class ended, I look at my images more critically - not just how they may look to a viewer but rather, how they represent me, as a photographer. I highly suggest this class to anyone who wants to think deeply about why you shoot what you shoot."

Darcy Troutman


"Recently took Amanda's Finding Your Voice workshop and absolutely loved it.  It was extremely well organized and informational, but more importantly it was inspiring and helped me dig deeper as a photographer.  Amanda poured her soul into the class and had heartfelt feedback for all of us.  I came out of this class with a new perspective on how I shoot and 3 steps closer to truly finding my voice.

Erica Eldridge


"I am still felling the effects of the workshop. It was a beautiful, painful and liberating process, a turning point. Having Amanda as a guide was amazing. She drove us with kindness, beauty and inspiration.

Marcela Rafea


Amanda's photographs are such an honest reflection of life through her eyes. Her workshop opened me up to a different relationship with my camera, exploring the various ways my own voice emerges in my work and how to keep it strong throughout the diverse subject matter in my portfolio.

Colleen Putman


The Reflecting You workshop was an amazing immersion into what makes ME tick as an artist. Amanda was a generous and thought-provoking guide through the whole process, and I loved hearing her insights into my story and my work. The best part about the workshop is that while she gave lots of guidance, she really listened to what I had to say about my experiences and helped make sense of them in a way that was very personal and individual to me.

Cara Harrison


Course Syllabus:

Week 1:

 Day 1

            -#1 Introductions

            -#2 What is Voice?

 Day 2:

            -#3 Who are You?

            -#4 Self Portraits-Why?

            -#5 Self Portraits- How?

           - Assignment #1 Given-

 Day 3:

            -#6 Cultivating Connections: Place

 Day 4:Pur

            -#7 Cultivating Connections: Person

           -Assignment #1 Due-

           -Assignment #2 Given-

 Day 5:

            -#8 Putting It All Together: Storytelling

Week 2:

 Day 6:

            -#9 Elements of Storytelling

           - Assignment #2 Due-

           -Assignment #3 Given-

 Day 7:

            -#10 A Return to Voice

 Day 8:

            -#11 Editing and personal Experimentation (freelensing, editing video and more)

            -#12 Class Questions and bonus tutorials

 Day 9:

            -#13 Creating a Cohesive Collection: Telling Your story Strongly

            -#14 When you Feel A Loss of Connection

           -Assignment #3 Due-

 Day 10:

            -#15 Allowing your story and voice to evolve

            -Assigntment #4 Given(Due Two Weeks After Workshop)-


Day 11:

            -Wrapping up, answering any final questions and saying goodbye