September 10 on 10

I've been generally using this wonderful blog circle as a chance to give an overview of my month, but this month we had a really big day, so I've decided to focus my post on that. This month (only 5 days ago), my sweet Scarlett started Kindergarten. Here are some of our snippets from that 10. 10 snippets to be exact.

A portrait within 5 minutes of waking up. Wide eyed, a little sleep and a healthy mix of nervous and excited.

Buttons. I feel like maybe I subconsciously buy her clothes sometimes in which she needs my help putting them on...just so I can help a little longer.

The Elevator has arrived.

Waiting for baby bro to pick the flower he picked off the ground. She thought he was getting it for her. He wasn't.

"It's here!!!!" Only it wasn't. This happened 4 times, when finally on the 5th bus (and 20 minutes late) her bus came.

Scarlett learned how to play "Red Light, Green light" with the bus stop kids. She kept getting a little confused on which light was which.

The bus finally made it and sweet Sophia in First grade grabbed Scarlett by the hand and took her on board.

My heart felt peace when I saw the warm smile from the bus driver, so thankful that the first adult she would come into contact with was tender to her new and kind of scary first experience.

What there wasn't room for in my 10 on 10, the pictures of Ace and I chasing her school bus, hoping to see her get off at school. We didn't manage to find her, but we were able to drive by and say from the window, "By B! (B for Big Sis)". Sophia's mom managed to get there in time and helped Scarlett off the bus, finding her the nearest teacher to help her the rest of the way. Our day was spent missing her tons. We love spending time with the bright light that is Scarlett, but we had fun on our own as well.

7 hours later, and she's back! Smiling and energetic.

Sweet little Atticus looks like he's about to cry he's so happy to have her back.

A family portrait on the walk home where Ace picked up construction rocks, Scarlett held Nathan's hand and told him all about her day and I trailed behind, soaking it all in.

Thank you for following this month of mine. Now head over to Chris Stephens. I have long admired her work. If you aren't familiar with her, you should be and if you are, you know you'll love her post.