30 Minutes in the Life: January 2017

We're in China now! It's been a big adjustment, but everything is coming together pretty smoothly. One of the great things about Nathan's job is that he gets US and Chinese holidays off so we get days off where everyone else in China has to work, which adds up to perfect travel times. We spent our first weekend away in Suzhou, which is right outside of Shanghai. It's a beautiful Canal town, very much feeling like the postcard image of China. We were all geared up to explore when Scarlett threw up ALL over. Fun fact, airbnbs in China don't provide towels, which made for a very challenging clean up. Fortunately, our sweet girl felt much better the next morning and we explored YuYun Pagoda, or the leaning Pagoda of China. Having been to both famous leaning towers, This Pagoda definitely takes the cake. It's surrounded by beautiful gardens, canals and old buildings. We loved our bit of time we spent here and are happy it's so close to where we live.

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30 Minutes In the Life: November 2016

My 30 minutes this month are from the morning of November 9th. I woke up after about 3 hours of sleep, staying up late, watching election results roll in that seemed unbelievable. While Nathan rolled into his somewhat dressy work environment with his 2008 Hillary campaign shirt to hopefully bring a smile or two, I decided to keep my kids home and go to one of our favorite places on the planet, Ted's Bulletin. It's an diner that feels out of the 30s and they play old movies on their big projector. They have the friendliest staff and homemade poptarts, so whenever we go in, we feel comfortable and happy. It was a rainy morning and you could feel the heavy heart of Washington DC all around us, but our 30 minutes in Ted's brought some balm. When you're done, be sure to head over to the wonderful Lynzi Berg Photography

30 Minutes in the Life: July

Over Fourth of July Weekend we spent time nestled in the blue ridge mountains. It was calm, beautiful, peaceful and perfect. I struggle with where we are living now as it's pretty much in a city, but without the charm that comes from actually living in a city and without the benefits of true suburbs. We're surrounded by construction and other uninspiring landscapes. I don't need nature to be creative, but when my well feels dry, it certainly helps. Here's 30 minutes from our time there.

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