August 10 on 10

We've had a really lovely month. I got out of whatever summer funk I was in (I'm not really a summer person when I am living in a city) and have really tried to enjoy our time in this beautiful city. I remembered that the DC metro isn't "that bad", 95 degrees with 80 percent humidity isn't "that hot" and even if it is, we're always happier when we go out.
We also did our fair share of staying in and both were wonderful.

Atticus learned to fly as Scarlett learned how to play Nintendoland

Scarlett made this piece of wearable art which has inspired me to start a new photo inspiration I haven't felt in a while.

Atticus and Scarlett spent a little time close, but doing separate things and I intervened when I needed to.

We started working on this.

I spent a weekend in CA with a wonderful friend, my parents and some crazy (but wonderful) Liverpool Fans.

We went into DC a lot

They were adorable more times than I can count.

Scarlett was melancholy for a while when she couldn't wear the Hope Diamond or other jewels on display at the Museum of Natural History

We've spent the better part of a couple weeks without a car for an air conditioning problem that is still not fixed.

Atticus picked Scarlett a flower to make her feel better after she tripped over her shoes and it scared her.

That was our month. I hope it's been wonderful for all of you. Next up is my wonderful and talented friend, Kristi Burton