30 Minutes In the Life: November 2015

Technical Difficulties! Images will be up when my internet stops freaking out

November has been good, long and exciting. We have had a wonderful month. It's getting chilly and the light is the lovliest it is all year. I also had a pretty big thing happen. I am thrilled to announce I will be teaching a workshop at The Bloom Forum. (you can get all the info here if you're interested). It's been a huge dream/goal and I'm thrilled. We also found out we will finally be moving to Washington DC for a time as my husband starts his long awaited new job with the Foreign Service. We are thrilled, but are also feeling sad to leave this home we have come to love so much. December is our last month here, then it's off to new adventures.

For this 30 Minutes I wanted a quick trip to the park and some warming up by the radiator afterwards. When you're done, be sure to follow along to Lynzi Berg Photography