30 Minutes in the life: Feb 2016

I love this time of the month as it's time for "30 Minutes in the Life". We're on our second month of being in the DC area and it's certainly had its ups and downs. While we are so thrilled to be here, living in temporary housing has been challenging for me and with a really busy couple of months, we haven't had the opportunity to really settle and make this place our own. That coupled with snowstorms and crummy weather has brought me to the edge. I have barely picked up my camera and when I have, it hasn't really filled my soul. I've just been a little bit down and have been struggling a bit. On the day I took the photos for my 30 Minutes I was feeling about the same. It was another rainy day. When Ace and I went to pick up Scarlett from school, the rain had stopped and just enough light was shining through to make the sidewalks glisten. The shimmering brick was enough to pull me out. I saw that beauty and I wanted to take out my camera. Of course I didn't have it on our school run, but we got Scar and I decided we'd run home, grab my camera and a snack and head to the Jefferson Memorial. The kids could play and I could photograph...the two things we needed most. The moment we pulled out of the parking garage a torrential downpour started. Rather than feel upset, however, I was full of resolve. It was the warmest day we'd had yet, so the cold rain felt refreshing rather than hypothermia inducing, so we just went anyway. The rain continued to build and by the time we go to the parking lot (which is much further away from the monument than I remember), it was comical how hard it was raining. Still, the kids hopped out and started playing. They loved it. Running in the rain and jumping in the puddles was just what they needed and my soul felt light as I watched them play. We didn't make it all the way to the memorial, but we did make it under an overpass. It was 30 minutes that filled my cup and put me back on the right path. A path where I can find joy in the storms, rather than feeling only irritation and despair because I'm getting wet.

Be sure to head over to my friend Karen Hunt l Remington, Virginia Photographer . She had quite an unexpected 30 minutes this month and captured it so well.