30 Minutes in the Life: August 2015

This month has been pretty crazy. As most of you know, we're launching a magazine, "The Long Way Home", on 1 September (tomorrow), and learning all that goes into a publication has been daunting and frustrating, but also so fulfilling. Along with that we returned to WA from our Summer in CA and prepared to move cross country to DC. About 15 days before the move, we learned that it would not be happening until at least January, so after the initial disappointment and scrambling to find another preschool for Scarlett, we settled back in and figured things out.

I must say that this month has crazy has been equally matched with a lack of inspiration. There's been a little too much going on and I haven't let go and listened to my self when shooting, but have rather just kept on photographing, not expecting anything. These periods happen and I just shoot through them because art is fickle and not all up to me, so you never know, even in a slump, when magic will happen.

Photos from this month are not one of those times when magic happened, but are instead just a fun documentation of "30 Minutes in the Life".

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