30 Minutes in the Life: April 2015

This month was a month of experimentation. My daughter received a spy glass in the mail and she set out exploring our backyard. Within a couple minutes, however, she grew tired of it and returned to her favorite game of playing in the water. I decided to experiment with the glass in front of my lens. It was wonky and crazy, but overall a fun 30 minutes. Be sure to follow along to the lovely and talented Colleen Putman Photography | NYC. She just returned from Dubai and I have a feeling she is going to have a pretty incredible month to share with us. IMG_9223 IMG_9224 IMG_9234 IMG_9249 IMG_9254 IMG_9258 IMG_9264 IMG_9266 IMG_9279 IMG_9280 IMG_9284 IMG_9287 IMG_9291 IMG_9292 IMG_9313